Due to rising food costs, prices on our JLH meals have been revised and will be effective immediately. 

 Welcome to Meherrin’s Just Like Home Program

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Meherrin River Regional Jail is pleased to offer you the opportunity to provide a fresh hot meal to a loved one during their stay. Being in jail is never easy for the offender in jail or the family; however, a hot meal ‘just like at home’ is a simple way to remind your loved one that you care and are thinking of them.

Meherrin’s Just Like Home program contains appetizers, combo meals, deserts, and sodas that are prepared, fresh and in-house by our Food Services Staff and hand delivered to each offender two times a week. These items are not on our regular offender menu and have been hand selected for our offender population.

We are excited to offer this program to you and look forward to providing your loved ones a meal ‘just like home’.

How It Works

Meherrin’s Just Like Home program provides hot, freshly prepared meals that are hand delivered to each offender two times a week. These meals do not replace the offender’s regular meals and nutrition; but are an additional ‘treat from home’.

The menu items are similar to meals that are seen in restaurants or even made at home. Selections may vary from time to time based on season or popularity, but includes selections like, deluxe cheeseburger, cheesesteak or crispy chicken sandwiches, boneless hot wings, or pizzas. We also have a selection of appetizers like cheese fries and mozzarella sticks as well as a selection of ice-cold beverages including sodas, bottled water, and juice.

Orders can be placed any time on this website (Shop) but they are freshly prepared and hand delivered two times a week. You do not need to create an account to place an order; however, creating an account will allow you to see your order history.

Order cut off times are Sundays and Tuesdays at midnight with delivery on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons.

Delivery dates may vary depending on holidays and other situations affecting facility staffing. The orders are received by our Food Services Staff who then prepare the meals for delivery to the offenders.


We do NOT offer refunds.  Inmates are aware they must not have any disciplinary sanctions to receive the Just Like Home meals.  If they were to receive a sanction, unfortunately a refund will not be issued.  You will also need to verify with your loved one to make sure they will be housed at MRRJ on the date of delivery.  Once the orders are placed, staff begins to pull the items and preparations for the order begin.  Refunds will not be issued for inmates no longer at MRRJ on the date of delivery.  We trust that you understand and apologize for any inconvenience.


How To Order

Placing an order with Meherrin’s Just Like Home program is simple and quick. You will need to order using a credit / debit card and all transactions are secured and encrypted for your security.

To place an order, visit the Shop link, add items to your cart, and during checkout, you can select the offender you desire the order to go to. If you do not see the offender you wish to order, it may simply be that the information has not been entered into to the website yet. If so, please try again tomorrow.

You will receive your receipt by email.


How To Get Help

Please review our FAQ page before requesting help. Many of the issues you have can be answered here. If you issue was not answered, please contact us:


o   For questions about an order: orders@mrrj.org

o   For questions about billing and charges: billing@mrrj.org

o   For technical questions about this site: justlikehome@mrrj.org

Thank You

Anyone can participate in our Just Like Home program by sending offenders housed at Meherrin River Regional Jail a hot food gift prepared especially for them. As you can see from the map, people from all over the United States have participated in this program.